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Posted on: December 8, 2010

My current projects aren’t going well. I want to work in video, but feel I want to do something too ambitious, so I’m putting it off.

I have a number of projects that I’m planning at the moment, but may never ever come to fruition. Some of them are still pending from last year, and I haven’t done anything with them, even though I should, just so I can see that they’re bad ideas and let them go.

Most of the ideas I have are that I want to create ideological, political pornography. That’s not to say that it’s necessarily intended to arouse, and certainly it wouldn’t be intended as its ‘sole or primary purpose’ is to arouse, but that it would show whatever is being documented explicitly. There’s no point in not showing something, unless there’s a good reason, and that reason shouldn’t be to do with morals, offense or obscenity. One of the things I want to do is create a video that isn’t ‘pornographic’ in the sense of showing sexuality, but instead shows the sort of acts associated with pornography, but that are also considered ‘violent’. I’m trying to be realistic about this, so as much as I think it could be brilliant to be properly beaten on film, it’s probably going to have to be limited to restraining, slapping, spitting, hair-pulling, all within the context of being humilated, degraded, abused, precisely for wanting the freedom to do that. Or something along those lines. I want there to be a parallel between the sort of bondage that the government/legal system believes to be harmful to society, and the sort of bondage that the government/legal system inflicts on society in the name of keeping order, and that the second one is real, and there isn’t a safeword. There are so many themes and issues within this that I haven’t tried to start making it, because I want to be clear about what I’m doing, but for some reason I just can’t get it straight in my mind. I know exactly how I want to do it though, in regard to the method used, as I think that any actor or artist who won’t actually subject themselves to the things that they purport to be representing are fake. I don’t think that you can act something well, unless part of you believes that what you’re doing is real, which is great, because I’m very able to suspend by disbelief in this sort of thing. So obviously I’m always going to know that it’s safe, but I think that seeing as I won’t have any awareness of what’s actually going to happen (no script, and not being told in advance what the other person is going to do) at least it won’t be completely contrived. At least it will be a real representation of what it is – me having asked someone to do these things to me, because of how having my freedom of expression limited makes me feel.

Secondly, I want to work  with the idea of art as prostitution. Original, I know. But the idea of the viewer having all the power, control, authority, and being able to dictate what the artist does. “Don’t try to please me, except for all the pleasing me.” Why is it more ethical to have people try to change my ideas to get me a good grade to enable my future prospects, than it would be to just say “suck me off and I’ll give you a good grade/job”? Maybe that’s a little extreme, but I found a notebook from my first year at university, and I’d written about how much more vulnerable I felt at having my work (which also happened to be photographs of my naked body) scrutinised academically by university staff than I felt showing my naked body sexually for money to strangers. And it’s completely, completely true. It’s incredibly less ‘degrading’ to ‘sell’ your body sexually than it is to show your body academically, and, more than that, to have to speak on demand about what you’ve done, justify it, give it context, and know that people can just say that they don’t like it, don’t think you should have done it, do something different next time. I guess this is the essence of criticism and I’ve never been at all good at taking criticism, but I feel that it’s more than that. Within an institution like this, there is a very clear hierarchy of authority, and authority is still something to be listened to, forcefully respected, and, because of that, if you don’t bend your ideas to whatever the authority suggests, you’re being insubordinate, you’re not showing respect, you’re not taking on board criticism and what’s the point in you being here if you’re not going to listen and improve yourself?

I want to make the videos really low-quality, webcam or camera-phone standard, because it’s obvious that that sort of image is what captures the public imagination and terrifies censors. The amount of things that have been cut just because it’s filmed by a hand-held camera. So I want to experiment with that. I plan on shooting the film about the “viewer” as a PoV shot, so the viewer of the film immediately identifies with the viewer in the film. We’ll see how it goes anyway.

The other film idea is markedly less pornographic, but requires more acting. I want to present a slideshow from an anti-porn website, preferably just using the script and slides they provide, but maybe improvising just to talk to the audience. An audience that obviously won’t exist, but I want to act as though they do. All these ideas sound so shit when you actually write them down… they’d probably look better if I made them rather than just talking about them.

My ultimate (perverse) artistic dream is to create a grainy, webcam or camera phone video as a fake snuff film, with blood packs and everything. Perhaps slightly contravening the OPA, but if it’s ok in a film (although, is it ok in a film…?) surely it’s fine to just make for my own curiosity. The person I live with is currently involved in a production of “The Pillowman”, and are having to sort out blood packs and how to break them inside a hood placed over one of their cast’s head for when he’s executed by Detective Tupolski, so all of this has sparked my desire to create something similar, but filmed, and therefore transcending the fantasy/reality barriers of stage. Obviously I’m more than happy for it to be political as well, so I’m taking a lot of influence from the play. I’m fine with being slapped, spat on, verbally abused, for my art, but where’s the line? The line might just be syrup-based fake blood in my hair….

(Considering going back and highlighting the ‘FAKE’ bit of ‘fake snuff film’, just so if I ever end up in court it can’t be paraphrased so easily into ‘snuff film’… Although, who cares about facts? Let’s just make sure we’re sending the right message.)

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